Product Features:

  • To facilitate market based short, medium and long term finance to the following categories:
    1. Japanese companies having investment in BD,
    2. Japanese companies having joint venture in BD,
    3. Bangladeshi enterprises having substantial export to Japan.
  • To arrange low cost fund facilities with a focus to the manufacturing sector,
  • To provide technical assistance to banks and financial institutions regarding load processing,
  • To contribute in developing financial market, generating employment, fostering economic growth and alleviation of poverty in Bangladesh.


Eligibile End-Borrowers:

   Eligible end-borrower should be:

  •  duly registered under the Company Act 1994,
  • having appropriate licenses issued by local governments,
  • have three years of operation in Bangladesh.


  1. Investors within EZ:
    1. Any investor in EZ
    2. Japan-Bangladesh Joint ventures
    3. Japan and other foreign Joint venture
  2. Investors outside EZ:
    1. Japanese investors
    2. Japan-Bangladesh Joint venture
    3. Japan and other Joint venture
    4. Bangladeshi Investors having substantial amount of deals to Japanese companies
    5. Bangladeshi companies having business contract with Japanese-invested companies in Bangladesh

Eligible Business Sectors for Investment:

  • The recommended priority industrial sectors and/or types of business under the TSL Component are as follows but not limited to:
    1. Electric, Electronic Industry
    2. Light Engineering Industry
    3. Leather Industry
    4. Food Processing Industry
    5. Pharmaceutical Industry
    6. ICT

Eligible Investments:

  1. Fixed Assets, including:
    • machinery and equipment, and
    • factory buildings and related civil works.
  2. Working Capital, which is not only associated with effective use of the investment loan but also for regular operations.

Loan Limit

  1. Re-Finance:
    • Sub-loan upto BDT 30.00 Crore
  2. Pre-Finance:
    • Sub loans equal to or above 50% of the maximum ceiling i.e. BDT 15.00 Crore to BDT 30.00 Crore

Loan Term

  • 2-5 years (incl. grace up to 1 year)
  • 5-10 years (incl. grace up to 2 years)
  • Working capital: 1 year (Annually Renewable)