All praises for Allah (SWT) who is the creator of all the things seen and unseen. By His Grace, National Housing Finance PLC has come to start Islamic Financing Wing in the banner of “Shariah Best Islamic Wing”. At present more than 30% of inland money market has been occupied by the Islamic Banks/FIs. Shariah based money marker has been increasing day by day. To serve the Shariah sensitive customers National Housing Finance PLC has introduced Shariah complied financing both for liability and asset clients. On April 8, 2024 the Sharilah Based Islamic Wing has been inaugurated by the honorable chairman of the Board of Birectors of NHF, Mr. Mahbubur Rahman.

Historical background

Since 1998 National Housing Finance PLC has been serving the nation in the housing sectors for financing the acquisition, construction, development and purchase of houses, plots, apartments, real estates and commercial spaces. Also SME & Retail financing. It’s services include house investment, deposits, car investment and Small Medium Enterprises investment.

The company aimed to expand it’s area of services to the interest free Shariah based financing. In this perspective license from Bangladesh Bank has been obtained, a competent Shariah Supervisor Committee has been formed containing Islamic bankers and Shariah scholars. In April 2024 operation of Islamic Banking has been started for the valued customers.