The world is concerned and worried about climate change, global warming, environment pollution and their bad impacts. The rapid changes in climate have direct impacts on biodiversity, agriculture, forestry, land, water, air, human health and so on. Urgent steps are needed to save the planet against climate change.

Bangladesh is the most climate change vulnerable country. Climate change has compelled us to think about protection of environment and conservation of energy and other resources. National Housing Finance And Investments Limited as a financial institution holds a unique and vital position in the arena of economy. We can contribute to develop the country's economy through introducing green banking policy and practices.

Green banking is a tool to acquire more sustainability. Green banking is a simple word but its magnitude is significantly wide covering social environment and economical aspects. Green banking is a device that considers social and ecological factors to protect environment and conserve natural resources. If we protect environment, we protect ourselves. Green bankers think to protect environment and conserve power and energy in order to ensure a safer world for the next generation.

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